Happy Birthday Taika

Couple of words about random and really professional dog shooting that took place in the dark forest. Main goal was to take some 2 years happy birthday pics of our Taika dog. Nothing of the shoot was planned. I just had my flash things with me and off we go. […]


Sigma 150-600mm sport review

Here is small review about that Sigma lens. I’m not good in writing or nor I have any experience about reviews. These are my views and experiences with the lens. So I had been looking for longer mm then 200mm for a long time. I don’t remember how I found […]


Flashbox SMDV Speedbox Diffuser-60

Hello dear readers. That start was a joke. Mainly because no one reads this. But anyway. I got couple of those diffuser boxes. I have 50 and 60inch models. I got them trough doing some graphic for for one band. I use them with nissing flashes and it works really […]


How to timelapse?

That is hard question that I have been trying to solve. Not an easy task, I like to do everything in a “Perse edeltä kuuseen” way. That means to climping to tree with your ass first. I didn’t read any tutorials. I didn’t watch any real tutorial videos. Mainly just […]


Friendly bands photoshootout

We checked live shows from Lovijatar and Church of Void. Here is some shots from the concert. I use only Canon 1.8 50mm lens, you know that one that costs under 100€. I was quite surprised of the results. I tried to use only 1.8F…and well it’s hard. But the […]


Greetings from summerunholydays part 1, Italy

So last part first. Last part? Well summer holiday this year was again in the autumn and it was in two parts. First was soem awesome time at Koli, Finland. Where is that? What is it? Google Koli, you will find out. As a teaser I can say that i […]


Live Beastmilk

Mr.Kvohst from Beastmilk was kind enough to ask me to see their gig in Helsinki, well I was of course interested and even more when it was “photo ok!”. Like Japanese would say. Anyway it was nice venue but not the best for photography. Lights were ok for the people but […]


rainy sunday adventure part.53234

I visited this smooth place I stumbled upon week before. It’s kind of small river part with loads of flowing water. I toked our young dog and went to check it out with camera. Did take some long exposure shots even it was raining. Well pics didn’t turn out as […]


Lens update

Damn hard to update this theme. It has automatic updating…well ok works but the end said that installation finished but could not clean up. Still it was notifying that “update available”. Well I think that now it’s done. Anyway I don’t have any special words for you as usually. Just […]


Shooting Beastmilk

Hi I don’t often get to do real or at least “famous” photo shoots. Here is a bit different shit from the basic “I was in forest”. I had change to take some promo shots of Beastmilk for Metal Hammer. This did happen some months ago last year actually and […]



Hi Just fucking things up with new homepage. Bought this kick ass theme for wordpress and now uploading old works. Main thing what i wan’t to achieve is more visual and portfolio like home. Old gallery was a bit “old” in functionality and in how it represents the images. With […]